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How it Works.?

Mobile line boring is the process of bringing a machine shop to your site. Worn pin bores, bearing housings, tunnel bores, axle pivots are usually part of fixed plant or mobile equipment that is impractical to transport to a machine shop.


Line Boring Services Lonsdale can repair in the field, restoring bearing bores and pin Inside Diameters, to factory OEM specifications. This is a field proven method of precision boring. It is fast and precise, and produces the highest degree of accuracy with the alignment and boring procedures we have employed for 25 years.

The capability to repair ON-Site saves expensive downtime and transportation costs, so these advantages make our mobile line boring service very cost-effective.

Our mobile service also includes ID Bore Welding, Facing capacity from 50mm to 450mm, Line Boring to the highest quality finish and exacting tolerances in accordance with the OEM specifications. Line Boring Services utilise the latest technology in line boring equipment from Hofmann Engineering, Eutectic Castolin and Kempii.

We currently have two Mark II Hofmann units in our fleet. One is a fully mobile unit ready to travel to any part of South Australia, as well as a unit setup in our workshop. This allows us to keep a job flowing without disruption.